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Signs of

Many suffer from depression and it is an illness that robs a person of their energy and concentration..

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Anxiety is a common occurrence when a person faces potentially problematic or dangerous situations...

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Signs of Depression

Many suffer from depression and it is an illness that robs a person of their energy and concentration. Depression symptoms often make a person feel sad or unhappy, frustrated with one’s work or home environment, feeling little interest in what is going on around them, little to no interest in sex, unable to sleep, not feeling hungry or eating too much or not being able to concentrate.

Other depression symptoms are: feeling tired all of the time, feeling guilty about the past, blaming oneself when things go wrong, thinking of suicide, crying all the time and experiencing headaches, back pain or stomach pain - when there doesn’t seem to be a reason for the pain.

For those who suffer from depression, there are some who have experience many symptoms of the illness; while others are unhappy or sad and don’t know why. Some medical experts feel that there are specific reasons why some experience depression such as the gender of a person, age and the background of a person. For young children and those who are in their teens, the symptoms of depression are a bit different. Young children express depression by feeling irritable, sad, worrying most of the time and feeling hopeless. Adolescents, on the other hand, usually feel angry, anxious and often avoid social activities. Adolescents also show differences in how they think and act with others and either sleep too much or have trouble sleeping.

For older adults the symptoms of depression are more intensified such as not being happy or fulfilled with their lives, not feeling hungry, not sleeping well, feeling worthless, having no desire for sex and feeling suicidal. Physicians agree that if a person’s depression continues on too long—several months at the most, then you should talk with a therapist or someone you trust. If depression is left untreated, it can lead to other health concerns. Experts in the field of psychology are not sure what causes depression but there are various factors that might be indicative of depression such as: a change in a person’s brain, a hormonal imbalance, inherited traits from certain family members, certain life situations such as losing a loved one or divorce or a traumatic event in a child’s life.

Along with depression, some suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is when a person is fearful of what will happen to him or her. Some anxiety symptoms are: fearfulness of what will happen in certain situations, feeling uncomfortable, dreading certain people and events and avoid situations where anxiety might occur. Anxiety symptoms can be lessened with the help of a therapist or close and trusted friend.

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